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Prime 6 created a remarkable biochar product that is carbon-rich >90% and low H:C ratio of 0.27.

Our proprietary process of pyrolysis converts organic hardwood waste and forestry residues into a stable form of carbon. This process involves heating the biomass in a low-oxygen environment, which prevents combustion and results in the creation of the biochar.

Our product is meticulously crafted to ensure its exceptional properties. It is characterized by a highly porous structure, enriched with a multitude of micro and macro-sized pores. These pores act as a reservoir, capable of retaining essential nutrients, moisture, and beneficial microorganisms, fostering an optimal environment for plant growth.

By choosing our biochar, you contribute to carbon sequestration—the long-term storage of carbon in a stable form. The carbon captured within biochar remains locked in the soil or building materials for hundreds or even thousands of years, helping to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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