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Smooth service

6-8 hour burn time. No need to replenish during service.


Higher efficiency

Superior performance, consistent high heat and longer burn time.
1lb of Prime 6 = 3lb of lump 


Clean & Sustainable

Made from hardwood sawdust. No fillers, binders or chemicals.


Less cleanup

Clean burn reduces maintenance costs by 75%.

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Efficient Kitchen

Prime 6 was created with the practical needs of busy kitchens in mind.

Its high density and carbon content ensure greater efficiency with a 6-8 hour burn time per box, saving time and money during service. For a quick math, 1lb of Prime 6 is equivalent to 3lb of lump charcoal.

Prime 6's clean burn reduces hood/vent cleaning and annual maintenance costs by 75%. And – this may seems like a little thing, but our packaging is stackable and easier to store, even in the smallest kitchens of New York City.

Engineered To Perform

Prime 6 is thoughtfully designed to help you get the most out of your grill, your ingredients, and your business.


Our patent pending manufacturing technique creates a charcoal that is far denser than any wood found in nature.


Why is that important? This density provides high temperature as well as an even, consistent and steady heat source to ensure a service with no replenishing.

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