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From Biomass to Brilliance
Igniting Environmental Change

High performance biomass products for multi industry solutions. 

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Igniting the Green Revolution

Prime 6 biochar is a game-changer, revolutionizing industries and leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Our patented manufacturing plant upcycles wood waste in a net zero process, generating products that are clean, sustainable and high performing.

As a versatile and sustainable carbon-rich material, Prime 6 biochar is making strides in agriculture, enriching soil fertility, conserving water, and fostering healthier crops.


In the energy sector, it's enabling renewable solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Moreover, our biochar's eco-friendly applications in food service are reducing costs for operators while providing a high BTU and clean alternative to traditional charcoal and wood. 

By choosing Prime 6 biochar our partners participate in carbon sequestration, offsetting their carbon footprint. 

To top it all off, we are planting one tree every box sold. 

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See how it all began on Shark Tank

From a pitch to the Sharks with our first biofuel charcoal to a deal with Kevin O'Leary - see us closing the deal that started it all

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